Volume Four
Volume Four contains a general overview of professional etiquette and protocols and includes discussions of business law as it relates to organizational forms, trends in business ownership, laws and regulations, global legal issues, elements of business law, business practices laws, ethics, responsible business conduct, social responsibility, professional behavior, gift giving, and dining out protocols.
Professional Protocols
Table of Contents - Volume Four
Chapter 14  Business Law
Forms of Legal Entities
Forms of Legal Entities:  Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations, Entrepreneurship, Criteria for Choosing an Organizational Form, Specialized Forms of Organizations, Forming Strategic Alliances, Deciding the Ownership Form.
Trends in Business Ownership
Laws and Regulations
The Internet:  Legal Issues
Responsible Business Conduct
Chapter 15  Ethics and Legal Issues
Ethical Behavior
Workplace Ethics
Chapter 16  Business Etiquette
General Professional Behavior
Communication Paves the Way
Gift Giving
Dining Out
Protocol Barriers
Cultural Diversity
Additional Etiquette Resources
Global Legal Issues
Elements of Business Law
Business Practices Laws
Ethical Issues in Global Business
Responsible Business Conduct
Social Responsibility