Volume Two provides a thorough discussion of administrative duties including complete aspects of creation, production, and distribution of the various organizational documents, records management, and information distribution.  Also included are the basic principles of advanced administrative applications of research, time management, travel planning, professional presentations, coordinating projects, and arranging/conducting meetings.
Volume Two
Administrative Management
Table of Contents - Volume Two
Chapter 6  Document Production
Forms of Business Documents
Creating Written Communications
Proofreading & Editing Written Communications
Creating Charts & Graphs
Document Layout & Design
Document Reproduction
Chapter 7  Records Management
Basic Principles
Records & Systems
Creation, Design & Control
Records Management and Equipment Systems
Filing Classification Systems
Records Security
Chapter 8  Information Distribution
Chapter 9  Advanced Administrative Functions
Research and Reference
Time Management
Travel Planning
Professional Presentations
Coordinating Projects
Arranging Meetings
Conducting Meetings
Guidelines and Criteria
Internal Distribution
Interoffice Communication
External Distribution