Volume One provides in-depth coverage of the various organizational structures, management, and motivational theories as well as an overview of the basic management functions.  Chapters in this volume comprehensively address each of the functions as they relate to all aspects of the physical, human, and informational resources of the organization.  
Organizational Management
Table of Contents - Volume One
Chapter 1 Management Basics
General Management Theory
Management Functions
Organizational Structure
Modern Supervision
Chapter 2 Physical Resources Management
Office Design & Layout
Resources Management
Quality Management
Chapter 3 Human Resources Management
Staffing Process
Legal Issues
Chapter 4 Training and Development
Developing a Quality Workforce
Performance Appraisals
Chapter 5 Information Resources Management
Information Processing & Infrastructure
Computer Hardware & IT Infrastructure
Computer-based Hardware
Enterprise Software
Information Technology Troubleshooting
Basic Computer Security & Control
Internet IT Infrastructure for the Digital Firm

Volume One
Microcomputer/Technology Evolution
Knowledge Management
Employee Relations